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    IT solutions crafted for your business
    We will create complex IT solutions, no matter what size your business is, from small to big. We love to scale.
    We will help you grow thanks to the most advanced technologies available.


We create IT for your needs

Web applications and websites

From design to implementation, we create CRM applications as well as intranets, they all reflect processes inside your company.

Distributed systems

We will develop a system that will respond within miliseconds to thousands of users. Distributed solution all over the world, will make your business always available.

Data warehouse

We will administer and take care of availibility of your data. We will increase uptime and performance of your database. We do not fear terabytes of data.

Business Intelligence

We constantly analyze your data to increase your comapny's income. We draw conclusions and come up with a recommendation for your next steps. We will use neural networks for real time decision making.

IT analysis & consluting

We will look at your business from the technical side and hang conclusions and recommendations for further action. We will advise you about your company's business processes and internal IT organization.

Monitoring & maintenance

We maintain and administer your machines and systems. We will implement your application on any server. We monitor the status of your application so that you can deal with the stuff that is really important.

What we did?

The system to handle the flow of documents with multi-level access control within company. The application allows categorization, description, and easy to search collection. Basic functions of OCR (text recognition), the opportunity to discuss the document and marking passages online.

CRM application to handle current orders and managing customer base. The system allows tracking of order status at any time during implementation. Integration with the shipping company.

Corporate intranet available to employees, includes news and knowledge base. Every employee has the opportunity to run their own blog within the network. The system integrated with the employee base.

Distributed endpoint with high availability APIs to collect "pixels" deposited on the sides of the clients to analyze user behavior on the website.

The system serving banner advertising with high availability and low delay. The system is capable of displaying tens of thousands of impressions per second, fault-tolerant, distributed on multiple physical machines.

Creating a distributed customer database with orders. The database has several interfaces by which readily uses it every department in the company.

Project and infrastructure for the database in the NoSQL format, capable of receiving more than 1TB of data, with the SLA of 99.99%

ETL process to find and connect data from different databases within the enterprise, each of which is a separate system. The project aims at an in-depth analysis of the data, with a more complete set and a wider context.

System of classifying certain patterns in the data (ie. frauds or customer close to buying the product). Through the analysis and the use of machine learning, created a mathematical model that is able to classify in real-time a specific piece of data to a predefined pattern. This makes the system on the fly show recommendations to users or warnings for operating system.

Analysis of the company's IT department work and hanging applications. Recommendation consists in changing the system of organizing the work of the team to Scrum, training on methodology and oversee the implementation.

The implementation of condition monitoring applications to collect metrics on specific services with Icinga and Graphite

Setup of a cluster of virtual machines, configure and appropriate deployment of applications. Monitoring and responding to current anomalies in the system

Technology stack


We use PHP, Node.js, Golang, Python to create the best solution based on your needs. We also use AngularJS for frontend.

Databases & Big Data

We will develop your database with PostgreSQL, MySql or MongoDB. We do not fear the data on many machines.


Hadoop, MapReduce, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis it's just a bit of technologies we use to build solutions for our clients.


While managing our project we use Git, Jira, Confluence, Redmine and Asana. You can always see what's going on in the project.

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Example projects

Finanseija.pl - financial portal

PHP, Symfony 1.4, Postgresql

Eko-polska.pl - portal about ecology

PHP, Symfony2, Postgresql

Szarpie travel - travelling blogs

PHP, Mysql

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